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Welcome to my website that is here to promote the book I have written in September and October 2010, called “The Parables of Jesus Made Simple.” If you look down the left hand side of this home page you will see all the parables of Jesus Christ listed one by one in alphabetical order. These are all the chapters of by book due to be published on Amazon early in 2011.

If you are anything like me, the Parables of Jesus Christ, indeed the whole of Jesus’ teachings in the gospels must have intrigued you. For many years, I have been searching to find a book to unlock the stories that Jesus told in parables. I have looked for years for a book to show me the deeper things of these stories and yet until I had written my book I had not found one book on the parables of Jesus.

For years I sat in churches and was always warmed when pastors and preachers taught on the parables, and I have picked up some knowledge through those many years I have been listening. I originally made each of these chapters of the book on video with videos on YouTube and had ladies transcribe them and an editor to convert what I said to written form.

I am a simple person and sometimes I feel, like Paul, the worst of sinners. As you read my candid confessionals of my life in the pages of this book on the simple parables of Jesus, you will see that I am the least qualified to preach on the subject so holy as Jesus’ words, but this website is testament to God’s redeeming grace in my life.

Please take the time to look around my website, feel free to visit my useful links page to connect with me on Facebook and get to know me. You can also find my YouTube channel there and watch videos of mine or find my home page on Ezine articles where you can read many of my articles.

On the useful ministries page I list all the ministries that I feel are the best in the world and most of them have been mentioned in the course of this book. I hope you learn as much from them as I have.

Take some time to read the reviews that people have done for me on this book in the reviews section and feel free to write to me about anything that comes to mind.

God bless

Matthew Robert Payne

October 2010

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