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Useful Ministries

There are many ministries that exist in the world. I am a sort of person that seems to have favorites and a person when they find a ministry am a supporter of them. Here are the ministry websites that I feel are the best communicators of the Gospel that I know. All fo them have podcasts that are valuable to listen to.

Andrew Wommack Ministries


I suggest you look at his TV broadcasts archives and watch his teachings online and see how dynamic Andrew is and I highly recommend his podcasts and his conference videos.

Joseph Prince Ministries


I highly recommend his podcasts and daily devotionals. He is a very anointed and knowledgeable teacher on the grace of Jesus.

Joyce Meyer Ministries


I feel that Joyce is one of the best topical ministers of the Gospel today. She is powerfully anointed by God and every time you listen to her you are blessed

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