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I remember back in High School when and English teacher gave me 10 out of 10 for a story that I wrote. That day, I looked up at him and asked him how did my story warrant a 10 out of 10 when the best I had ever got from him in the past was 8 out of 10. he told me that I would never be able to spell right and writer grammatically correct stories, and for that reason the maximum he was allowed to give me was 8 out of 10 as my work always came back with a lot of red corrections in it.

He told me I had a real gift for telling stories and that anyone could edit my work, but few people could tell a story like me. He told me I was one of the best students he had ever had in his teaching career. That day, he told me never to give up writing, and simply get and editor to correct my work.

I guess it has been my dream for 28 years since then too write a book, and even though the book you read here has not got the best English you have ever read in your life, I have to say I am very happy with the job I have done.

When God fashions each of us in our mothers womb he speaks destiny into our DNA. When God fashioned me he was fashioning a teacher of the Word of God and evangelist. I found out that I wanted to travel the world as an evangelist when I was 12 years of age which was 31 years ago as of writing this in October 2010. In my life I have only preached five times, and yet all of my life in dealing with people I am always sharing the love of Jesus. 31 years is a long time to see a dream come true, but this book is a major evangelistic work.

I have been told by one of my friends who I admire a lot that my book will be milk to the babies in Christ and the non Christians and meat to the seasoned Christians. And of course that is what it is, because my book is simply explaining what Jesus the best preacher in the world was sharing in his stories. As a story teller myself, you will find that I have sued a lot of illustrations of my own life to explore the meanings of Jesus parables.

So how did this book come about? Where did I get the comcept from to write this book?

As of writing this on the 23rd of October 2010 for my website I have 756 videos on YouTube. I have done all of them within a year. So a couple of months ago Iwas in the process of doing a series on the parables of Jesus. The Holy Spirit had led me to a list of them on the net with scripture references and the Holy Spirit told me to do one video on each of the parables.

When I had recorded 6 of them, Jesus told me that after I had done the 54 parables he wanted me to hire people to type them all up and to hire editors and then to get them made into a book. I recorded the 54 videos in 6 days.

If you go to the video link on this website you will be able to view the original videos that I recorded.

After they were recorded I found an overseas freelance hiring website and paid some nice Asian women to type up the videos and hired an Asian editor to edit the book.

I was fortunate that my government gives people in Disability incomes $1000 loans that they can pay back and I had most of the work done with that money.

So is it really just that easy?

Do you get told to write a book and two months later to be putting the first edited draft up on a website? Where did I get the insight from for the book?

Well I have to say that about 50% of the information I shared in the videos, I did know that I was going to say, and simply it was the Holy Spirit putting the words in my mouth.

But much of the insight that I shared has come from ten years that I have been soaking myself in the Gospels of Jesus trying to fathom, their meaning for myself. I am happy with the result.

In months to come, this book will have more polishing by another editor and the printed book will read better than what appears on this website, but this is no clever ploy of marketing, I simply wanted to get this free website up now and not in a months time.

So this book was it birthed in me when my English teacher spoke to me all those years ago and told me to write, was it birthed in the ten years personal study of the gospels, or was it also a result of the 50% of information the Holy Spirit gave me as I preached into my video camera?

I think the answer lies in the fact that Jesus created me to preach in the womb and I have just spent the last 43 years as of writing this getting the ability to do as I have.

Why don’t you have a go at your destiny too?

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