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I suppose it can be said that no one really has a life without heartache and pain. It can also be said that those who have to endure much pain can become quite strong and resilient in time.

I have to say my life has been marked with pain and yet in the midst of it, Jesus has always been with me as my personal friend.

I came to know Jesus initially as a child at age 8. I was attending a Baptist Church and a children’s evangelist/speaker came to our town to speak to the young children after school one day. I don’t remember the man speaking about sin, or how bad we were, and I am not sure that he even did speak about it. All I know is that he spoke about this friend that we could come to know and invite to come and live with us and I was captivated at the sound of this friend. This man told us that this special friend would never leave us, always speak to us, and always be our personal friend. He asked which children wanted to come and invite this friend into their life.

I invited Jesus to become my friend that day and immediately joy came into my life. Over the years I first came to hear Jesus speak to me in songs, then in scripture verses and eventually I learned how to listen to him speak direct to my spirit.

At age 14 on a beach I was sexually molested by a man 20 years older than myself. This left me broken and addicted to sexual pleasure and yet estranged from my friend Jesus through all the guilt that I felt being with men.

At 18 years of age I lot my virginity to a prostitute in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia’s infamous red light district, and then I entered into an addiction to sex workers for what lasted 20 long years. These years were pent in guilt and shame and only 6 of them I attended church. I came to realize that a major reason people don’t go to church is that they can be involved in a lifestyle that would me displeasing to God.

I never thought I would be free of my addiction to prostitutes and yet with enough prayer and inner healing and true repentance I broke free 5 years ago in 2005. The joy I felt being free of this was overwhelming and yet, I was in bondage still to wrong teaching and theology.

For 17 of these past years I have also suffered with a mental illness called Schizoaffective disorder which is a combination of Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. This illness, the mental illness, has caused unbearable emotional and spiritual pain at times and has led me four times to almost give up and commit suicide. In the last 6 months as a result of a prayer by a missionary Heidi Baker mentioned in this book, my suffering and my state of mind has become every much improved.

In the July/August 2010 Jesus allowed my wrong theology to be corrected through the ministries of Andrew Wommack, Joseph Prince and Joyce Meyer whose ministry websites are listed on my useful links page. In September Jesus commissioned me with this new theology and my state of healing to teach on the parables of Jesus and this website and the book are a result of that commissioning.

In the pages of my book The parables of Jesus Made Simple you will come to know me more personally and I encourage you just to read a couple of chapters online here before you dismiss me from what I have shared right here.

I understand when Jesus shared through the Parable of the Two Debtors, that a person that has been forgiven of much loves much. I am a living trophy to the grace of Jesus Christ and His ability to make all things and people brand new in Him.

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