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The Parable of The Pearl of Great Price Made Simple

(Matthew 13:45-46)

“The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price” is found in the Gospel of Matthew 13:45-46.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.”

First of all, this guy is a merchant, a trader. He’s a dealer seeking beautiful pearls. A person who would spend time seeking beautiful pearls could be nothing but a businessman who buys and sells pearls. These kinds of traders go from place to place seeking out precious pearls with their little eyeglasses. They’d compare pearl after pearl and put them through a test. Once they found the best pearls, they’d purchase them and sell again for a margin of a profit.

Imagine that the merchant in this parable was not after ordinary pearls. He was not seeking for that $100-pearl that you purchase for your wife and put around her neck. And he wasn’t just looking for one pearl. The Scripture says that he was looking for beautiful pearls which, I imagine, were worth at least a thousand dollars. He was a trader who was making a business out of reselling pearls. This was a professional person who looked at thousands and thousands of pearls before he made his decisions. Yet he found one pearl. He called it the pearl of great price. He went and sold everything he owned to purchase that one pearl.

Now, I want you to understand something. If someone today was in the business of buying and selling expensive beautiful pearls, this merchant would be a multimillionaire. He would be worth a lot of money. He would be in the trade of making a lot of money because he wasn’t dealing with low-grade pearls; he was dealing with beautiful fine costly pearls. So, when it says that he sold everything he had, it would be millions of dollars. Today it would be millions and millions and millions of dollars that he sold to purchase this pearl of great price.

This is a very interesting parable. Jesus Christ is saying here that He is the pearl of great price. He is referring to the proper understanding of His grace and salvation and all the privileges that go with being a child of God and being adopted into His family. Purchasing and owning the pearl of great price is like owning Jesus Himself. It is being able to sign your checks with Jesus’ name and authority.

What would you do to own that authority? What would you do to have a checkbook so that whenever you want something, you could just sign or stamp it that Jesus had approved of your purchase? What would you do? How excited would you be that you could pick any desire you had that was good and Jesus would stamp it with his own authority and approval and bring that forth to you?

What would it mean to have your mind transformed so that you think like Jesus Christ, to have the Holy Spirit come into your mind and heart, and start to affect you so that you make decisions that are full of wisdom, power and glory? What is it? What would you do to walk into a state where everyday will be filled with purpose? What would you do to get up in the morning with your body radiating with joy and peace in the presence of the Lord? What would you do to know your purpose in life and move towards it step by step, bigger step by bigger step? What are you willing to give up to be able to talk back and forth with Jesus? What would you do? What would you give to have all your dreams come true? What would it be worth to you?

If I tell you to give me $2000 and I’ll put you into a state where you know your dreams and destinies and all your prayers would work. Everyday you’ll walk in the presence of Christ and manifest His glory; you’d be able to do miracles, signs and wonders. How much would you give me if I could guarantee that?

If I give you my word that I will return double your money if those things didn’t start to manifest within thirty days of your life, if the presence of God didn’t fill you with massive joy and peace, would you do that? If I was a bank, if I was someone that wasn’t going to disappear overnight and was always going to be here, would you take me up on that? If I was someone big and worthwhile, will you sign a contract with me, guaranteeing peace, joy, purpose and destiny within thirty days or double your money back? You’d be a fool if you didn’t. And don’t tell me you haven’t got a thousand dollars. You know someone with a thousand dollars. You’ll not only tell me, you’ll tell them and they’d all invest. It would be the greatest investment ever.

Well, I’m not just telling a story. I’m telling a parable of a parable. Jesus has already done it. The peace, joy, anointing, purpose, happiness and the meaning of life is already there. It’s already purchased. It’s already available. You’ve just got to stretch forth your hand and take it. You’ve just got to know how to take it. Just knowing that it is available for you without letting you know how to take it will not be good for you. I make it one of the aims of my ministry to show you how to take it.

The parable of the pearl of great price sounds great, isn’t it? Would you sacrifice something expensive to get to where I am, to live with the joy and presence of the Lord each day? How would you like to feel the best you’ve ever felt at church in praise and worship, or someone’s been preaching and really filled you with the presence of God? How would you like to have peace and love every day of your life from sun up to sun down? How would you like to stay calm and peaceful, no matter what circumstances or trials you’re in? How would you like to know your destiny, to know your purpose and to know how to get there and achieve it?

This is possible. There are all possible with a relationship with Jesus, the pearl of great price. You’d do anything to get that. Jesus is worth it. Jesus is worth everything that we have.

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