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The Parable of The Hidden Treasure Made Simple

(Matthew 13:44)

This is a wonderful, wonderful scripture for me. It is just deeply personal and emotional. I think that this teaching is going be somewhat ten minutes of my personal testimony. Hopefully by the end of the illustrations and the testimony, you will have a hold of what Jesus was saying here.
One time, I was walking to a nursing home to do a dishwashing job. From the moment I got in at 8.30 until I left at 4.30, I was flat out washing dishes - pots, pans, everything flat out; absolutely no break. My only break was to assist the chef in laying out the lunches and serving them in what looks like a conveyor belt. We served packed lunches for 120 people in a span of twenty minutes.
There used to be so much havoc in my life. I was living in sin with my addiction to prostitutes, with which I spent a lot of money on. At that time, I didn’t do well in my job. I wasn’t doing much because I didn’t look forward to going to work. I enjoyed drinking, along with my addiction. I was sleeping with a prostitute once a week. But God changed all that. He has turned me into a fairly good writer and teacher of the Word of God. I am fairly good at doing things; I am doing good at maintaining a prophetic website.
So there I was, walking towards the job, fifteen minutes from the station up a hill. On my way, I walked past a house that was for sale. It had a sign on it which says, “Hidden Treasure”. Being someone who has studied advertising and has written around 700 articles, I know that it was a good and attractive advertising signage. True enough, the house was set behind a really large hedge and unless you went into the driveway, you wouldn’t be able to see its beauty.
I had to go up and inspect the real estate sign which had interior shots of the house; I saw that it was like a log cabin made of exposed wooden beams with beautiful polish. From the pictures I saw, it was just an absolutely beautiful, modern-designed house. It was rightfully called a “Hidden Treasure”. In fact, I said to myself “Gee, that’s a good sign; very effective.” I could guess that anyone who sees that sign and take a close look at the treasure wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from parting with their money to purchase that house. I have studied over a year of advertising and I just knew that I'd seen a great ad.

Anyway, as I was walking, Jesus said to me "Do you know, Matthew, that’s who you are to me?"
And I said, "What?"
Jesus said, "You're my hidden treasure."
I asked, "What do you mean?"
"You're so valuable to me. You're my hidden treasure. I'm going to use you in the future. No one knows you now, you're hidden. Not many people know your talents, but I know them; and you're hidden for a reason. A time will come one day when people will know who you are."
I just started crying; I couldn’t walk towards my work anymore. I just saw the house of my dreams. It had a beautiful modern kitchen, exposed beams. It's just like the house I wanted to own one day. And what made it more emotional was Jesus saying that I was a special hidden treasure. It was just all too much.

About six months later, I was at my parents’ house for the Christmas holidays. We went to church and the preacher’s sermon was taken from a passage in Matthew. As I was turning my Bible to that page, my eyes went to Matthew 13:44, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid; for joy over it he goes and sells all he’s had and buys that field.”

I just exploded with this great burst of joy, remembering what Jesus had said when I was walking to that job how I was his hidden treasure. And I was really blessed. I was really, really blown away.
Now, let's talk about the parable. Imagine yourself cutting through a part of someone's land. This was some pretty barren land that wasn’t being used albeit there was a small farm and an inexpensive house on it plus a few sheep and cattle. The owner of the farm wasn’t really that rich. While walking, you suddenly tripped over and fell into this oily black substance. When you pulled your boot out of this hole, you found that there was oil all over your foot. To cut the story, you discovered that there was oil in the land which the owner does not know of. Now, what do you do?
Probably you will go off and sell everything you have to get enough money. Then you will go to this person and say, "I want buy your farm. I've got plans to do something big there.”
The person might say to you, “This land is no good. It is no good for the cattle because the grass doesn’t grow. You know, the quality of the beef and sheep is no good. I am not sure I want you to waste your money”
“Oh, that’s fine,” you say. And you proceed on to buy the land. As soon as the deed for the sale of the land is settled and the property is legally yours, you ring up your father to get you an oil rig out there. Suddenly you're a billionaire, whoa!
Now, that’s what the parable was like. But the treasure, my dear friends, is Jesus Christ and what He brings to your life. Jesus should be everything to you. They call handbags an accessory; they call belts and shoes accessories. Basically you'd buy an expensive nice dress and then you get a handbag that matches. You get shoes and a belt that match. You might even get a hat or earrings or iPod that matches. All of those things are accessories. And what I see largely in the Christian faith is Jesus being held like an accessory.
Some people live their lives with Jesus being just like an added extra in their lives, just like a belt or a handbag. He’s not the main thing. The main thing in the person's life is his own self in the flesh, his career, his house. Most of the time, we are very concerned about our name among men. That person is a CEO; that person owns a big house, a nice car, a beautiful family, and successful intelligent kids studying in the university. Everything is tied up in money, wealth, possessions - everything. And Jesus, He's just some sort of slave boy in heaven who runs around answering all our prayers and forever pleading to His Father for us to be blessed and blessed and blessed some more. We take and take; and He just gives and gives. He's not anyone really important to a lot of us, Christians.
In this parable Jesus was saying that it should be the opposite. Figuratively, Jesus said you should sell all you have. You should gladly give away everything that you own just to possess Christ.
If some of you could give a couple of thousand dollars for joy, peace, satisfaction and fulfillment in life, will you gladly do it? Would you swap everything you've got? Do you know what it's like to have spiritual gifts or talents and move in them really well? Do you know what it's like to be in the perfect will of God? Do you know how it feels to know your life’s purpose and move towards it on a bigger and bigger and biggest scale? Do you know what it's like to walk with the peace, joy and presence of God every day? Do you know what it's like to come out of the shower, talk to Jesus and walk around full of joy? Do you know what a perfect contented life is? That life is possible if you're willing to give everything away to possess it.
We have to remember that often, Jesus was speaking to the experts in the Jewish faith. The Pharisees were often listening to him. These people assumed by their rigid law-keeping that they already possessed the Kingdom of God. However, Jesus said here that He was the hidden treasure and that to possess Him, it was going to cost you everything.

Every person is entertained by actors in the movies. If you were to have dinner with one of the world’s most famous actors where he shared with you all of his experiences with auditions and how hard he worked to have his career, you might be surprised with what he went through. Everyone looks fine from a distance; they all look like they have had an easy life on their road to fame and success, and yet if you met them, and one of these actors got deep and personal with you, you might find out just how hard it was for them to gain success and keep it.

Jesus wants us to know that real Christian life comes with a cost. We are all saved through the perfect price Jesus paid at the cross. I am not advocating that through works we become more loved by God, yet I am trying to make you think.

Think of yourself as someone who had studied acting and had starred in a few popular movies. Imagine that you had dinner with a famous actor. I reckon you would have a whole lot more to share with the actor because you have a lot more understanding of acting.

The same is true with the Christian life. The more that you have given up your life, the more of your life you have willingly laid down to serve Jesus, the richer the relationship you will have with Him. This is the meaning of this parable. The more you give to Jesus, the more you give up to possess Him, the more of Him you will possess.

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